TectonaS EPMS

TectonaS EPMS is a single platform for your End Point Management needs. Easy to use with very little training, it will simplify end-point management for your IT Admin team.
You have complete information of your hardware, software, configuration, data assets and users. And, how these resources are being utilized or not utilized.
It empowers the decision makers to analyze and monitor IT deployment, IT usage and IT Budget from a single console. The best part is that it is simple and easy to use, hence anyone from IT manager to Business users can analyze and Implement changes thereby ensuring that a healthy IT network that can deliver it's functionalities to your users and to your business.

EPMS empowers you to monitor and analyse the IT inventory, IT operations,Application monitoring giving you valuable IT Intelligence across your entire organization

  • EPMS comes with such power packed features that helps monitor and fight against multiple problems in one go while also ensuring IT security and prevent IT Privacy.

  • It can also be customized to the enterprises needs and access can be provided depending on the hierarchy and roles in an organization.

  • IT Inventory Tracking and Change Management

    EPMS makes it easy to keep a track of all IT related assets in the hardware and software categories while also managing their daily updates and problems. It also tracks and alerts any changes that are being made in the IT network of an organization

    Software License Management

    EPMS makes it easy to keep a track of all software licenses. Identifying softwares that are not licensed or whose licenses has lapsed. Additionally, it also identifies those software for which licenses have been acquired but have not been used.

    IT Asset usage

    EPMS makes it easy to keep a track of all IT assets in actual use. This helps identify which assets are overloaded and may needed to be augmented/upgraded and those assets that are under-utilised. This solves a major issue for the IT Acquisition team to justify the budget for the purchase of new assets or upgrading of old assets. The system also identifies legacy/retired assets for which services are being purchased when the same is not required.

    Patch Management

    EPMS, assesses missing patches and system threats and vulnerabilities helps deploy the missing parts or suggesting ways to overcome he vulnerabilities.

    Important Note: TectonaS OwnYit EPMS is the version 4.0 of OwnYit (version 1.0 to version 3.0). It is the company's decision to rebrand it's products under the TectonaS brand name, and in the future brand Tectona OwnYit EPMS will become TectonaS EPMS. But to keep continue with the brands and past work experience we are using TectonaS OwnYit EPMS in the interim