OwnYit CSATPlus AUTOMATES Cyber Security Audit and Compliance. Our deep data collection and analysis tool that gives you powerful insights about your IT Systems and where your Cyber Policies Infringed.

OwnYit CSATPlus takes your IT Operations and data and allows you to see beyond logs and identify actual incidents.

It you to analyze and monitor if IT protocols and policies are being followed and easy to deploy compliance suits so that any deviation is identified, mitigated and remedied.

The best part is that it is simple and easy to use, hence anyone from IT manager to Business users can analyze and Implement changes thereby ensuring that a healthy network security is maintained.

Cyber Security Audit

OwnYit CSAT plus makes it easy to keep a track of all IT related assets and raise intelligent alerts when any deviation from Cyber norm is that are being made in the IT network of an organization

Passive Malware datection

OwnYit CSATPlus identifies potential threats from malicious softwares, viruses and malware that could attack the IT network via incoming mails, data, attachments and raises alerts which can be sent to third party anti-virus systems.

End Point Management

OwnYit CSATPlus makes it easy to keep a track; IT Asset (hardware, software, configurations and content) inventory and tracking. Manage access control and policies linked to these IT assets. Manage the Updates, Upgrades and Changes of these IT assets

Patch Management

OwnYit, assesses missing patches and system threats and vulnerabilities helps deploy the missing parts or suggesting ways to overcome he vulnerabilities.

Policy Enforcement

OwnYit CSATPlus simplifies implementation of IT protocols across computers, software systems and applications in your organization. It is easy to monitor and track policy breaches across your network.