NOCDesk is an IT -E-ticketing tool that is used to streamline service or change requests by various users in the IT infrastructure.

It helps managers to resolve IT related issues faster and more effectively while also controlling the time and costs spent on it. It converts all the incoming requests from various sources into tickets and track the issue resolution lifecycle.

Better managed IT Infrastructure and Control, Improved usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel Streamline the workflow of organization, Enhanced focus and a proactive approach to Service provision

Reduce IT costs.

Encourage self-service.

Organize Issue Tracking and Management.

Reduce manual work.

Reduce issues lifecycle.

Increase IT efficiency and productivity.

Improve user satisfaction.

Faster Problem resolution.

A reduced negative business impact.

Auto Service ticket

Auto Notification feature helps in alerting the IT team when a request is generated

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Helps in Laying down Service Level Agreements (SLA) across the organization and identifies breach and reports them

Automatic Escalation

It Automatically escalates any SLA breach and notifies the concerned stakeholders of the organization

Workflow Service Request

Helps in laying down the IT workflow procedures and stakeholders to implement the workflow process

Knowledge based Request

Assigning Service request automatically to the IT team based on the importance, type and priority of the problem.

ITIL Complaint

Helps in ITIL Implementation in an organization while also creating a preset of ITIL templates which ensure that best practices for IT are followed in an organization.

Customized Reporting

Create reports, and easily modify them by organization, department, project manager and more.

Easy Trending & Post Analysis

Helps in integrating the IT workflow to Mobile devices and Telecom systems which helps in tracking the status of the request have been generated.