Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

CAASM enables an organisation's security team to have complete visibility of their IT assets and provide an AWS (Advance Warning System) to protect these IT Assets from vulnerabilities/exploits and failure.

CAASM complete asset visibility to the managing entities and disables assets' visibility to unauthorised programs/entites.

This allows the organisation to focus on its IT objectives without worrying about their IT assets.


TectonaS CAASM APIs can enable your organization to

  • Cyber Assets Management: Deep scan of cyber assets and the associated vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud security: Identify System failure and exploitation based on external and internal events.
  • Vulnerability and incident response mechanism : AWS can be used to trigger Incident Response, reducing the time of response and remediation.
  • Security patch compliance : Latest security patch compliance like SOC2, NIST cybersecurity, CIS benchmarks, HISPAA compliance, etc.
  • Advantages

    It is important that vulnerabilities and exploits are detected As Early As Possible and remediation of the same are intituted AEAP.

    CAASM integrates existing monitoring and vulnerability assessment tools to deliver a complete visibility IT asset and posture. Futher,

    1. It provides a centralised view into all the asset more particularly,

    • Current status of software assets.
    • Configuration of hardware assets

    2. Provides a clear inter-relation and inter-dependece of various IT assets, allowing better contextual and situational awareness.

    • Warnings of failure can easily be chained to identify asset degradation when a key IT asset fails or is compromised.
    • Accelerate detection and response across security operations.

    3. It improves cyber asset hygiene and security environment.

    4. Allows for continuous compliance of cyber assets corresponding to the ever-changing external and internal cyberspace.