TectonaS makes your existing IOT Designs SECURE.

TectonaS focuses on :

1. Providing Cyber Security for IoTs in;

  •   a) UPI Operations.
  •   b) Building Automation.
  •   c) Smart Metering.
  •   d) Transportation.

2. Evaluating IoT Development Platforms for delivering Secure IoTs.

3. Selection and Validation of Secure IoT Communication Stacks.

4. Providing Secure Identification Platforms for IoTs based on PKI.

The five steps TectonaS helps in Addressing Security on YOUR IoT devices :

  • Provide pre-validated Design Teams to fast track migrating your existing IOT to a Secure IOT.
  • Train Design Teams to work with existing PKI Platforms using secure FIPS compliant 8/16/32/64 bit libraries.
  • Provide secure sensor communication in the IOT.
  • Provide a secure, authenticated update framework for IOT firmware and applications.
  • Provide Secure Fail subsystems that will allow the system to fail or crash or turn off in a secure and controlled manner.