What OwnYIT Does

Ownyit is a brand of data collection and analysis tools that gives you powerful insights about the hardware and software systems, performance of the IT assets, how resources are being utilized, network traffic etc. It empowers the decision maker to analyze and monitor if IT protocols and policies are being followed or not and take a desirable action accordingly. The best part is that it is simple and easy to use, hence anyone from IT manager to business users can analyze and Implement changes thereby ensuring that a healthy network security is maintained.

Desired Configuration Management

OwnYit helps in monitoring the versions of the software, the security settings of the hardware and software, updates that come to the systems etc.

IT Asset Management and Change Management

OwnYit makes it easy to keep a track of all IT related assets in the hardware and software categories while also managing their daily updates and problems. It also tracks and alerts any changes that are being made in the IT network of an organization.

Performance Management

OwnYit helps in laying down protocols and implementing them for the IT infrastructure against which the performance of the IT resources can be monitored.

Application Monitoring and Controlling

OwnYit helps oversee all the tasks and metrics necessary to ensure that all Softwares being used in the IT network is operating within the framework that has been set.

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