A simple system to address your complete need of IT infrastructure. Features at a glance:Security Incident Event Engine (SIEM), Monitoring system logs like event log and syslog, Network Access Control (NAC), Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management


  • Generation of a single Security Incident Event based on single/ multiple security incidents or events.
  • The Security Incident Event will be categorized based on the categories/sub-categories defined in the organization.
  • Automatically generates notification/service requests/ tickets when any security event/incident occurred.

System Events/Logs Monitoring

  • Monitors various system events/logs like Application Events,Security Events,and others.
  • Check if any security incident/event is generated
  • Incorporate the system logs, events and alerts into a single data store; consolidated data analysis can be done later.

Network Security

  • Real time report of a machine that has accessed internet using modem, dial up connection, data card and etc.
  • Generates notification and blocks unauthorized IP Address and network port when a machine has connected/accessed unauthorized IP Address/machine.
  • Logs of all network operations
  • Reporting of offline violations immediately on connection.

Network Access Control (NAC)

  • Define network policy for selected PCs that should communicate with each other.
  • Newly added/discovered device/PC should not communicate with any other PC in the network, until Administrator authorized it.
  • Block/deny access of selected devices/PCs in the network.

Service Level Agreement Management (SLA)

  • Define time period needed for Security Request/Tickets to be handled or closed by the engineer.
  • If the Security Request/Ticket is not closed, then the following escalations take place:
    • It will be automatically escalated to the next level of expert/engineer,
    • Suitable emails/SMS will be sent to the Admin and the higher authorities (as defined by the Security incident handling policy).

Security Request/Tickets

  • Creation of security request ticket, when any security event/incident occurs.
  • Simple Service Request:The User/ Engineer can create service request ticket.
  • Multi-level Service Request Tickets:Create multi-level tickets that may be assigned to different Engineers or Vendors with their pre-defined activation.
  • Workflow based Service Request:Ability to define workflow with template assign to each service request ticket.


  • All reports are provided on a single console.
  • Reporting according to the need of your IT Infrastructure.
  • Export to Excel/ PDF format for further analysis and sharing.


  • Simple to Implement and easy to use.
  • Get control of your IT Infrastructure spread across different departments and locations.
  • Enforce IT policy


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