Cyber Security Audit Tool addresses all types of the requirement of an IT infrastructure. Some of its exclusive features encompasses Asset & Change Management, Desired Configuration Management, Patch & Software Management, Application Controlling, Cyber Security Audit and Remote Management & Audit.

Asset and Change Management

  • Real time alerts of any changes occurring with respect to hardware and software installed in the PCs on the network.
  • Microsoft software with its license key information.
  • Inventory report is available on demand.
  • Checks the actual software licenses installed in the network against purchased.
  • Repository of the changes available for the future.
  • Reduce the response time and hence the effect of the changes is reduced.

Desired Configuration Management

  • Allows compliance of computers with its required configurations.
  • Define desired hardware/software configuration of Desktops/ Servers
  • If unauthorized software/hardware found in any machine, it will not communicate with other machines in the network.

Software License Management

  • Provides information of where the licensed software is deployed and non-registered systems.
  • Licensing information (Product Key + CD Key) for the Microsoft's software installed in the network.
  • Reduce the cost through efficient software license usage and monitoring.

Data Leakage Protection& Policy Enforcement

  • Notifications, Enabling and Blocking of USB Ports, external storage devices, CD Drives, Printer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices, USB Modem/Data Card to protect the data.
  • Tracking of file operation logs of removable media used in PC to include the details like file name, size, type, path without vision in to contents.
  • List of all media files, photographs, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, their size and history, reports on non-encrypted document as such reports based on file extension on demand.
  • Policy for monitoring/managing authorized software installed on the machine.
  • Restrict user from changing IP Address of the machine.


  • Report and Communication of add/remove of media like USB, CD driveincluding the file transferred with size, type, and without vision in to contents.
  • Report on usage of removable media.
  • Facility to set selective permission.
  • Report of status of Anti-Virus upgrade like successful /failure.
  • Information of Virus found and other details.
  • Information of OS Patches.
  • Unauthorized access/attempt to OS utilities to be monitored and reported (e.g. Control Panel, System32 Folder, Registry access) .
  • System Firewall Status (On/Off)

System Events/Logs Monitoring

  • Monitors Application, Security and System events/logs and check whether any security incident/event is generated.
  • Consolidated data analysis can be done as the system logs, events and alerts are stored into a single data bank.
  • Facilities of block/deny access of selected devices/PCs in the network.

User Management

  • Report on all Guest/ Normal /Administrator user accounts configured on each machine.
  • Policy for disabling/deleting users from the central console.
  • Password Management provides report on weak password set by the user and about Screen Saver password.
  • Logs of all user's accounts, which have administrative privileges.
  • Logs of machine wise Start-up shutdown time period.

Network Security

  • Real time/ first instance report of a PC/computer accessing internet by the modem, dial up connection, data card access unauthorized IP Address.
  • Repository of information of all Network operations of the PC including application name, network port used/opened and etc.
  • Monitoring and reporting of network traffic like number of packets/bytes sent or received.
  • Block access of unauthorized IP Address and network port.

ROI to the company

  • Desired Configuration Management
  • Data leak Protection and Audit
  • Rule based Monitoring and Controlling
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  • Print Management
  • Secure Remote Audit and Management
  • System User Management
  • Cyber Security Audit
  • Software License Monitoring
  • Network Access Control (NAC)

    General Features

  • Administrator can take the following actions on any machines in the network:
  • Send message to user/machinenk.
  • Execute Command/scripts
  • Forceful/Graceful Log of currently logged in user.
  • Forceful/Graceful shutdown/ restart currently running machine.
  • Optional facility to use SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1 for secure communication.


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